Tree Trimming Miami


As trees make up a large part of the landscaping on a property, there are many reasons to keep them well trimmed. Starting proper tree care when your trees are younger facilitates their health through the years. Professional trimming takes care of trees that are too close to buildings, low-hanging branches that obstruct walkways or parking areas, and many other tree-related issues. Our Certified Arborists eliminate weak points on your trees before they become large hazards, keeping the future of your trees in mind.Furthermore, everything looks better when treated with attention and care, including the trees and landscaping on your property. Trees provide cover and shade and also act as noise and wind barriers. When properly maintained, they add beauty and value to any location. To achieve all of these goals, True Tree Service offers the following:

– Pruning, which corrects structural imbalances, reduces the size of larger trees, removes dead wood, and increases property safety

– Thinning, which is less intensive than pruning and promotes tree health, encourages canopy growth, reduces weight, decreases wind resistance, and creates beautifully filtered views

– Shaping, a process that takes into account overall tree health, but also focuses on aesthetics and training trees to grow in certain forms

– View Enhancement, in which a True Tree Service Certified Arborist assists in the creation of your perfect treescape

While Miami tree trimming may seem like a simple job, safety concerns and the health of your trees make it a job for professionals. True Tree Service takes the proper time and makes the extra cuts to ensure that each job is completed in the best way possible. In addition to accommodating all your tree trimming needs, True Tree Service Miami also offers tree removal, tree transplanting, stump grinding, environmental restoration, hurricane and storm preparation, and clean-up.